Saturday, 25 February 2012

2012 ACT Championship - Day 4

The 2012 ACT Championship is essentially down to two players, with FM Junta Ikeda leading IM Andrew Brown by half a point. Ikeda had finished the first weekend with 5/5 but was held to a draw in round 6 by a determined Adrian de Noskowski. In the longest game of the tournament Ikeda was up the exchange but de Noskowski captured enough pawns to force a K+N v K+R ending (shades of Queenstown anyone!). Ikeda tried to win the position but on move 115 (with the 50 move limit about to be reached), moved his rook en pris to end the game. This allowed Andrew Brown to close the gap to half a point after he defeated third seed Sam Grigg. Both Ikeda and Brown then won their round 7 games to finish the day with 6.5 and 6 points respectively.
In third place is Allen Setiabudi on 5/7. His 8th round opponent is Andrew Brown, which may give some hope for the group of players in 4th place/
Full results from this event can be found at chess-results, while a pgn file of the games is available from the ANU Chess Club page, under the Games link.

Setiabudi,Allen (1966) - De Noskowski,Adrian (1913)
2012 ACT Championship Canberra, Australia AUS (7), 25.02.2012

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