Thursday, 23 June 2011

The tell tale bookmark

A couple of weeks ago I bought a pile of second hand books off Milan Ninchich. Now Milan and I have played plenty of exciting games over the years, as both of us like to throw almost everything into the attack.
One of the books I purchased was a 1974 edition of "Encyclopaedia of Chess Opening, Volume C". Tonight I was casually flicking through it, and reached my favourite section C57. When I opened the page I noticed a small slip of paper, apparently being used as a bookmark. Why this is significant, is that Milan and I once played a cracker of a game in the Traxler variation of the Two Knights Defence, which of course has the ECO code of C57. Now I don't know whether the book mark was placed there before this game (played in 1994), as a consequence of the game, or it was there for an entirely different reason. But it does give me an excuse to once again show probably the best Traxler I've ever played.

Ninchich, Milan v Press, Shaun
Belconnen, 1994


henrik mortensen said...

Well played, Shaun.

Brian Jones said...

Was this all in your book?

Anonymous said...

Yeah nice game. Don't need an excuse to show a game like that. My java magically activated itself, now I can see the board and play through the games, and I didn't do nuttin.

Paul said...

Cudos Shawn !!

Anonymous said...


Shaun Press said...

@Brian. The queen sac was very old book, which I did know. However Kc3, rather than Kxc4 was new, and so I was on my own from there. These days, if you put the game through Stockfish (or other strong engines), it can see far enough to show the queen sac is actually best, as well as picking up a number of quicker wins, which I missed at the time.