Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Grinding it out

The Kings tournament in Medias, Romania, has ended in a tie for first between Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin, after they split the point in their final round game. Carlsen edged Karjakin on tie-break with a slightly better S-B score.
Of the other players, Vassily Ivanchuk continued to entertain. After a good start to the tournament his second half was almost a complete disaster. He lost a truly awful game against Karjakin in round 9, and even his most ardent fans were writing this one off as "one of those tournaments" for Ivanchuk. However he bounced back in the final round to grind out a win against Nakamura.

Ivanchuk, Vassily v Nakamura, Hikaru
5th Kings Tournament, 21.6.2011


Anonymous said...

I am not seeing the chess diagram. What to do?

Shaun Press said...

If the only thing you can see is the game heading, and not the diagram or the moves from the game, then the most likely cause is that you have javascript turned off in your browser. The replay system uses javascript, so you need that enabled.