Thursday, 9 June 2011

Cloudy Publishing

While looking at the whole 'Cloud Computing' idea (specifically the Jiolicloud Linux distro), I came across the Scribd. Scribd can probably be described as an online publishing forum, where you can uplaod documents for others to read (as well as reading what other have published).
There seems to be plenty of "Chess" documents there, but I haven't had time to check them for quality. Interestingly it isn't just books that you can access, as I have seen designs for origami chess sets, and chess score sheets also on the site.
However my main interest (for the moment) isn't as a reader, but as a publisher. I've begun to upload old chess articles I have written over the years, starting with "Open and Shut", the column I write for Australasian Chess (Brian Jones, the publisher, is cool with it). As I've written about 50 columns so far, I figured that there is no harm in releasing the older ones to the public. I've even chosen a fairly generous copyright license, in that anyone is free to republish the articles, as long as attribution is given.
As I am new to the site, I'm not sure what is best way to find the document I puet up. Here is a link to the first Open and Shut column, but to find the other I suspect you need to search for 'openshut' or my name.

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