Thursday, 2 June 2011

A chess themed video game

Ever since I was a teenager I always wondered how chess and video games could be combined in a workable way. My own ideas didn't amount to much, as I tended to think along the 'problem solving' style of game, rather than the shoot-em up format which is obviously more popular.
Assuming I wasn't the only one thinking about this topic, it has taken quite a while for someone to come up with a solution. Now it looks like someone has.
A new game for the iPhone/iPad/iPod platform combines the action of an arcade shooter, with the strategy of chess pieces. In Knight Defense, you use your pieces to stop enemy pieces descending down the board. Your pieces attack the enemy pieces in the same way as they move (ie bishops shoot diagonally, rooks up and across), all in real time. They also have the opportunity to 'power-up', just like in classic arcade games.
At this stage I haven't downloaded the game to have a look at it, but this article makes it look pretty good. However I plan to do so in the next few days, if only to say 'Why didn't I think of that?'

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