Monday, 11 February 2008

Official Rules of Chess - 2009 Revision

The Rules and Tournament Regulation Committee (RTRC) of FIDE is carrying out a revision to the Official Rules of Chess. This revision is intended to come into force on the 1st of July 2009, although the review is to be completed before the 2008 FIDE Congress in Dresden, so the Rule changes can be approved (or rejected).
Already some suggestions have been made (including reducing the forfeit time from 1 hour to 15 minutes), but suggestions can be made to (and by) committee members (including myself), or the committee chair Geurt Gijssen, before the 15th of April 2008.
A sub-committee will then prepare a draft by 15th of May 2008, after which the full RTRC will consider proposed changes, before preparing the completed document by the 1st September 2008.
This will be the document voted upon by the FIDE General Assembly in Dresden, and if approved, will come into effect on the 1st of July 2009.

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