Tuesday, 19 February 2008

2008 O2C Doeberl Cup Premier - Full

The 2008 O2C Doeberl Cup Premier has hit the 80 player mark, which means that no more guaranteed spots are available. If you desperately want to play in the Premier, but left submitting your entry until too late you have 2 choices. Either you become an IM or GM between now and Easter or put your name on the waiting list and hope someone drops out. But just as in the main list, the waiting list operates on a first registered first in basis.
Some statistics of the 80 player field. There will be 10 GM's, 1 WGM, 11 IM's, 3 WIM's, 6 FM's, and 1 WFM. (There is also 1 CM, but that title doesn't count for 'title norm" purposes). The median rating of the field is 2153.
Of course there are other events to play in (if you rating or age allows). The Seniors is open to all players 50 years or older (on the first day of the tournament), regardless of rating. The Major (Under 2000)still has plenty of places (only 14 entries so far), and is offering a first prize equal to the 2008 Australian Championship! The Minor (Under 1600) is always popular and already has 25 entries. And don't forget, if you are rated Under 1200 you have a tournament to yourselves for the first time.

(Standard disclaimer: I am a paid official for this event)


Malcolm said...

Although it's unlikely to be an issue with such a high number of strong foreign players, I see they've also managed to achieve the "20 players with FIDE ratings from 3 countries other than the host country, at least 10 of whom hold titles" requirement. So norm seekers don't need to worry about the federations of their opponents.

Shaun Press said...

Actually that was on of the things we aimed for in organizing the tournament, and are pleased we achieved it.