Sunday, 3 February 2008

Mysterious Books

Over the summer I extended my chess library by quite a bit (50 books or so). Over the last week I also reorganised my library, although this was due to having the carpets cleaned and all the bookcases had to be emptied and moved. However this gave me an opportunity to look at some books that had been squirreled away.
One book I found was "Sicilian Defence - Main Line Najdorf" by Jimmy Adams. Now it I don't know whether it is a great book or not (as I haven't read it in depth), but it is a mysterious book. The reason why it is a mysterious book is how it came into my possession.
A number of years ago I opened the front door to my house and there it was, sitting on the porch. It wasn't on its own either, as it came with a couple of other (similar) books. There was no note (or identifying marks) so I have no idea who gave them to me. The only clue is that they were previously part of the University of Sydney's Fisher Library, but they may have passed through many hands since then.
So however you are that gifted me these books, you have my thanks. Although if you (or anyone else) are planning to leave any more books, please note I have changed addresses since, but just drop me a line.

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