Sunday, 24 February 2008

More female chess players?

Today I went to the Canberra Show. It was great!. I went on the rides, ate Fairy Floss, brought showbags, and saw the Circus. It was like being a child again.
Before I went, I looked at the online catalogue of showbags. The very first showbag I saw was the "Ab-Fab" Showbag. This showbag included an Ab-Fab Hat, a tube of scrunchies, non-piercing jewellery, and a tapestry bag. Also included amongst this group of products was "A Chess Set".
At this stage I'm not sure what it all means, but there may soon be an influx of players from the Fashion/PR Industry.


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Jim said...


When you roll up to either Coaching or Street Chess with a Hanging Super Rocker and the Tapestry Bag on your arm along with the face paint, we’ll know that you have “arrived.”