Saturday, 5 May 2007

Why play at a chess club?

In the comments section attached to the post "Why do we have chess clubs?", Matt Phelps from the Metrowest Chess Club (Massachusetts, US) provided a link to an information sheet that they provide to prospective (or tentative members). The sheet addresses the differences between online chess and club chess, as well as issues such as "Why shouldn't I be afraid to play at the club (because I am !)?"
The address of this particular sheet is to big to fit on the screen, so just click here.
The link to the homepage for the club is
Also worth looking at are the "Knowledge and FAQs" section which contains a number of resources that may be useful to players and organisers.
Many thanks Matt.

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harvey said...

G'day mate!

I'm also from the MetroWest Chess Club, and serve as the Clerk and Marketing Director. My first 13 games at the Club (early 90's) were losses, then I got my first draw, and I can't tell you how exhilarating that was! :-)

With regard to "why play at a club?" - I've posted 3 blogs, originally at (2001), then reposted at MetroWest CC (2004), now reposted again on my own blog. The blogs outline chess organization philosophy, including "why have a chess club?" (let alone play in one!). Potentially esoteric at first, but then leading to Club volunteerism, creating "chess products", and marketing (the practical bits).

You can read my blog at: