Wednesday, 16 May 2007

On Blog Comments

Obviously a couple of posts in the last few days have piqued some interest, judging by the activity in the comments section. As an avid reader of blogs (mainly political ones), I have seen that a busy comment section adds to the attraction of a blog, and indicates that the blog is "working".
The other benefit of the comment section is it allows you to ask questions or inform me of any errors I have made in my posts. Unlike Bulletin Boards, blogging is more of a one-way activity, where one person speaks, and everyone else listens. But if you want to engage me in a discussion on anything I've written, posting in the comment section is the way to go.
But there is one caveat. I normally only engage online with people who's identity I know. That's not the same as me knowing you, just that I know who you are. I've found over the years that this has allowed me to avoid getting into senseless slanging matches with big hairy creatures who live under bridges. Of course if you would just like to comment without the expectation of a reply, anonymity is fine by me.

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