Monday, 28 May 2007

2007 Candidates Matches

The 2007 Candidates Matches are underway in Elista. 16 players qualified by various means (2006 World Cup, Rating etc) and the top 4 players will make it to the World Championship tournament later this year. The Candidates is being run as a knock-out with 6 games matches.
The first game of Round 1 was played last night, with results and games available at the official site There is also coverage at the site for the World Championship tournament
The players are bracketed into groups of 4 based on seeding so that the winner of the Aronian v Carlsen match will play the winner of the Adams v Shirov match to determine one of the World Championship slots.
My predictions for the 4 qualifiers are: Aronian (beating Adams), Leko (beating Bareev), Grischuk (over Ponomariov) , Gelfand (over Kamsky).
Of course with such a strong field my predictions could be utterly wrong, especially the Grischuk/Ponomariov group.
At the time of this post, both Aronian and Grischuk won their opening games, while the rest of the games were drawn.

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