Sunday, 6 May 2007

Can Queenslanders get anything right?

Last round of the Super 14 Rugby competition this weekend, and after last weekends win, the ACT Brumbies still had a mathematical chance of making the playoffs. They kept their chances alive with a win over the Otago Highlanders, scoring the required 4th try 3 minutes after the final siren sounded. All they needed was the Queensland Reds to beat the Bulls in Sth Africa.
Now while this wasn't likely, as the Queensland Reds were coming last, they could have at least made a game of it. And for the first few minutes they did, leaping to a 3-nil lead. Unfortunately this was the extent of their resistance, as the Bulls scored 92 unanswered points to score a record 92-3 win. So the Bulls made the playoffs, the Brumbies miss out, and the Reds add to the list of Queensland sporting screw ups.

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Anonymous said...

i watched the qld reds game today replayed on foxtel. it's an absolute disgrace. eddie jones should make a public apology :)