Thursday, 29 June 2023

Even more slightly weird kids rules

 This terms Interschool competition finished up yesterday in Canberra, and it gives me a chance to write yet another post on "rules kid's think are real". NB I have probably mentioned a few of these before

  • You can castle to avoid checkmate - "Ummm, no" "Some people say you can" "OK, but I'm the arbiter and I'm telling you you can't castle out of check" "But some people say you can" (Added bonus - he changed the score on the result sheet to show he had won)
  • Castling involves exchanging any two pieces on the back rank - To be fair, the player had never seen castling before and was attempting to copy what their opponent had just done
  • You both get a point if the game is a draw - Because neither player lost :)
  • You have to wait a move before replacing a pawn with the promoted piece - Actually this is a common belief, even if it is not a rule
  • Pawns "save up" their double move if they don't use it immediately - I even thought this was a rule when I was 6
  • You get less points if your opponent resigns rather than being checkmated - This would actually speed up a lot of school competitions

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