Tuesday 13 June 2023

2023 NSW Open - 3 way tie for 1st

 The 2023 NSW Open ended in a 3 way tie for first, after some dramatic last round action. IM Mihajlo Radovanovic started the final round a point behind IM Gary Lane, but a win for Radovanovic over Lane left them both on 6/7. In the all ACT clash FM Michael Kethro beat Harry Press to join the front runners, and relegate Press from the prize list. Ahn Quan Nguyen quickly cleaned up Jeremy Plunkett on Board 4 to finish in outright 4th place, with FM Sterling Bayaca, FM Jack Rodgers, Geoff barker, Zachary Yu, and CM Hui Li finishing in a tie for 5th on 5 points.

In the Minor event (Under 1600), Trent Parker held on for a draw against CJ de Mooi to reach 6 points, along with promising junior Alex Thuaux. Parker had beaten Thuaux earlier in the event, but had drawn his last 2 rounds, allowing Thuaux to catch up with a final round win.

 The 150 player event ran quite smoothly this year. The event capacity was reached about a week before the event, prompting calls for a larger venue to found next year. The policy of not allowing spectators in for the first 2 hours seemed to be a good compromise, meaning each round could start without the room being over crowded but people could watch when the action heated up. 

Even the parents were well behaved this year (!), apart from one unfortunate incident involving a (non playing) parent and a junior player. The NSWCA investment in new DGT boards was also welcome, with 8 games from each round being broadcast without any issues.

Full results can be found at the tournament website, nswopen.nswca.org.au

Anh Quan Nguyen - Jeremy Plunkett [C42]
Round 7: Anh Quan Nguyen - Jeremy Plunke https://lichess.org/study/le9C, 12.06.2023

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