Friday 30 June 2023

A quick prioritisation tool for chess

 (NB Shamelessly stolen from the original Eisenhower Matrix )

Start by thinking about the various skills involved with playing chess. The decide if you (a) Know/Don't know it and (b) it is important/not important

Then prioritise according to the following

Not important + Don't know - Ignore

Important + Don't Know - Learn

Not important + Know - Remember

Important + Know - Practice

The trick is moving these skill topics between categories. When you first start out, Checkmate with KQ or KR is important, so you firstly learn (Don't know -> know), and then practice. After a while you can shift this from Important to Not Important (mainly to make room for more important items), when you simply need to remember it.

This method becomes more effective if you attach it to a goal. 

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Anonymous said...

I am not sure this makes sense. It seems the definition of 'important' varies according to whether you know it or not. Surely mate with Q or R, which occurs very frequently, is always important. It does not become 'not important' just because you know it. If not important can be ignored, why is it a higher priority to remember not important things? If you forget them, they become not known and can be ignored. MP