Monday 12 June 2023

2023 NSW Open - Day 2

 IM Gary Lane leads the 2023 NSW Open on 5/5, at then of the 2nd day of play. He started of with a win over Willis Lo in round 3, before beating Harry Press in round 4, and Samuel Asaka in the final round. He leads Sterling Bayaca by half a point, and the 2 players face each other in round 6. A group of 6 players trail Lane by a full point, including top seed IM Mihajlo Radovanovic. Radovanovic missed 2 rounds today due to work commitments, but returned to beat FM Jack Rodgers in the 5th round.

Trent Parker leads the Minor on 5/5, a half point ahead of Terry Gao and Jonluke Corona. Gao and Parker play in round 6, while Corona is up against Roland Brockman.

Round 6 starts at 9:30 am tomorrow, with the top 8 boards from the Open being broadcast at Go to for links to the results and the broadcast

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