Tuesday 7 June 2022

Nice tactic - rediscovered

 I witnessed a very nice tactical idea at the Gungahlin Chess Club this evening. However it did look familiar, so I decided to find out where it had been played before. The problem was that I could remember the position, but not the moves, and for some crazy reason, thought it had started as an Exchange French (it had not). Luckily my copy of Chessbase had the game, which was played David Janowski and Emil Schallop in 1896. 126 years later Masaki Horikawa was able to find the same winning idea.

Horikawa, Masaki - Yu, Leiming [D21]
Belconnen Open 7.6.2022


Anonymous said...

That's a fantastic game!
How old is Masaki?

Unknown said...

I am 11 years old