Sunday 19 June 2022

2022 Candidates

 One effect of the Covid Pandemic has been less international coverage on this blog. At first it was due to the lack of any events in early 2020, but even when online events began, it did not feel like 'real' chess to me. An oddly enough, when face to face events began, there seemed to be a confusing mess of them, with mixed rapid and classical formats. So I tended yo avoid them, both as a blogger and a spectator.

So I am pleased to see the Candidates kick off, with a quite exciting round 1. Two decisive games, and two tough draws, were enjoyable to look at. Two of the favourites (Nakamura and Ding) went down, while Duda might be kicking himself after failing to convert a huge opening advantage. Round 2 began around 2 hours ago (which is quite late for Canberran's) but staying up to watch the action is well worth it.

As for the likely winner, my money is on Caruana. A few people are tipping Firouzja, but I feel it is still too early for him, and that he doesn't have the experience to win this event (but will probably win the next candidates)

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