Friday 17 June 2022

Hidden talent

 Today saw the first ACT Interschool event of the year. It was the South Canberra Secondary Championship, and saw a number of strong players take part. Canberra Grammar School took out the top two places (based on the sum of the best 4 scores, then the next 4 etc), which wasn't really a surprise. However the third placing of Alfred Deakin High, just a half point behind the 2nd grammar team, was. This group of players has flown under the radar, although they did play in last years event. In talking to their teacher, he said that the improvement came mainly from playing online, rather than face to face.

I have seen this in a few schools in the ACT, and wonder if we may be seeing a generation of 'hidden' chess players. Noting that competition chess can be tough (and can drive people away from the game), being a serious chess player, but not a serious competitor, may become the rule, rather than the exception.

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