Saturday 11 June 2022

2022 NSW Open - Day 1

 As with most events, the first day of the 2022 NSW Open hasn't revealed too much. Most of the top seeds reached 2/2, not all the DGT boards were working, and a number of players still don't understand the reasoning behind the mobile phone rules* (or simply think they have a special exemption).

So the highlight of the day was in the Minor, when two players left the board to go to the bathroom ( after playing their respective moves), and when they returned, found the board has been set up to start  the game. Weirdly they were only 8 moves in, so it was possible to reconstruct the position quickly.

*As for the reasoning behind the not having phones in the paying area, if we did allow spectators and finished players to use the phones as they saw fit, it would be harder to tell if an actual player is taking a sneak peak at their current position on their phone. This kind of reasoning seems to escape some people.

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