Friday 22 April 2022

More adventures in arbiting

 It has been a busy week for me, but the upside is I did get to add to my collection of weird chess incidents.

Todays Junior Rapidplay event was for Under 18 Juniors, which normally sees a little more commons sense play. Nonetheless there was a QvQ ending (without pawns) that was *not* draw after one player thought that they were losing their queen to a skewer, missing the fact that the king to move and defend their queen!

Reaching back to the Doeberl Cup there was a disputed result between two junior players in the blitz. Both players claimed they had one (which was kind of true), although one player said he won the 'real' game, but then lost the 'practice' game. The second player simply said there was no second game, and he won the only game. It turns out the first player did not report the result of either game, so we gave the point to the second player.

And finally (again at the Doeberl), there was the usual draw v resign dispute. A young player put his hand out, which was taken as a resignation by his older opponent. Only when the result was being entered that the 'mix-up' was identified. The younger player claimed he also asked for a draw when putting out his hand, but this was not heard by his opponent. So the players went back to the board, the position was re-established, and as the game was actually still in the balance, the game resumed. As fate would have it, the player who offered the draw then went on to win, which I feel was a little unfair to his opponent.

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