Wednesday 20 April 2022

2022 O2C Doeberl Cup - winding down

 Another successful O2C Doeberl Cup has been run and done. In the tournament has 329 players in the main events (1 less than last year) and 136 in the Blitz (which was more than last year). So it is kind of a record field, without actually being a record field!

Although the tournament itself is finished, there is still some organisational work today. prize money is being transferred to the lucky winners, while refunds are being made some unlucky entrants. In fact if anything stood out about this years events, it was the number of players who entered, and then un-entered before the start. In some cases there were good medical reasons (including being a covid close contact), but for others, it may have just been a change of mind. While we have a generous refund policy ((full refund up until 3 days before the start), I do worry that some players missed out on playing due to groups being full earlier on (and when they weren't, it was too late to arrange accommodation etc).

One thing I do wish to highlight was the vastly improved behaviour of the junior players this year. Almost no running amok in the venue, and no bags of fast food being smuggled into the club. General spectator behaviour was also pretty good, with only a few mobile phone issues to deal with. 

I'd like to say I can now rest for a few days, but it turns out I have a few other tournaments to run instead. Hopefully they will be a little more relaxing, and I can get some kip between the rounds.

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Garvin said...

Kip between the rounds, or during the rounds? :) :)