Friday 21 May 2021

King safety?

 The 2021 Asian Continental Championship started today, and began without any serious issues. Almost all games went according to rating, although there were a few hard fought draws, and one rating upset.

I was supervising (from afar) a couple of countries including Kazakhstan, which interestingly had 4 female representatives among the 6 players taking part. One of the more interesting games I watched was between IM Arystanbek Urazayev and FM Munkhdalai Amilal from Mongolia. Apart from the well played mating attack, the other interesting feature was that White did the correct thing by castling to safety, while Black allowed his king to get caught in the centre. And yet it was Black who emerged victorious.

Amilal,Munkhdalai (2033) - Urazayev,Arystanbek (2429) [B45]
Asian Hybrid Continental Chess Champions (1.26), 21.05.2021

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