Sunday 9 May 2021

A good old fashioned Simul

 Over the weekend was a series of junior raining events, organised by the ACT Junior Chess League Secretary Kate Woodley. On Saturday a number of our new juniors players played in 3 round Round Robins, to get them used to playing longer time control chess. 25 players took part and was enjoyed by everyone, even those who missed out on winners medals.

On Sunday, GM Anton Smirnov took on 18 of Canberra's higher rated juniors, in a good old fashioned simul. Simul's seem to be less common these days, although I am not sure of the reasons (probably online chess is to blame, but it may be something else).

After 2 and half hours of play, Smirnov finished with 16 wins and 2 draws. He drew with Lachlan and Oscar Ho, dropping a piece early against Oscar, but recovering later, and reaching a rook and pawn ending down a pawn against Lachlan, but holding that position as well. There were other tough games he faced, including holding off a strong attack from Charles Huang, and getting the best of a complicated position against not so junior (and Saturday tournament arbiter) Max Albert.

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