Sunday 16 May 2021

An interesting Zugzwang


The diagrammed position shows an interesting Zugzwang, which was inspired by a game played at Street Chess today. Despite being a rook up Black is completely lost, as the rook has no safe squares, and once the king moves to f8, g7+  forks king and rook.

The actual game (which sadly I don't have), was even more entertaining than the position shown. White simply lost a piece in the opening (for 2 central pawns), but managed to whip up enough threats against the Black king to make a game of it. Then with the attack raging, Black found a sneaky queen check to force queens off, and I assumed it was done. Returning later, Black was still up a piece (R+N v R), but White had pawns on g6 and h6. White then moved his rook to threaten 'insta-mate' but stopped one square short of safety, allowing NxR. But after PxN the zugzwang position, similar to the one shown, appeared on the board, and after Black had made all his pawn moves and exchanges on the queenside, there was nothing left to do but resign!

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