Thursday 20 May 2021

2021 Asian Continental Championship

 The 2021 Asian Continental Championship is being organised as a hybrid event, with the top 7 players qualifying for the 2021 World Cup. There are currently 85 players entered, with GM Temur Kuybokarov as the sole Australian representative. Although the regulations normally only allow players rated above 2300 (plus one nominated player per member federation), this years event sees a number of players who are below the cutoff. 

The tournament is being run on the Tornelo platform and begins at 4pm 21 May Canberra time. Each group of players is being supervised by a local arbiter, while there will also be remote supervision from tournament arbiters (** I am one of these arbiters **). If it turns out that a player who finishes in the top 7 has already qualified for the World Cup (eg Kuybokarov from Oceania), then the place goes to the next highest finishers. Another interesting twist is that the prizes ($16,000US) will not be shared in case of a tie, but instead awarded in tie-break order!

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