Monday 8 February 2021

One Dimensional Chess

 An interesting chess variant is 1D Chess, although 'variant' may be too generous a description. It is played on a single file (hence the 1D name), and each player starts with a King (on squares 1 and 8), a Knight (on squares 2 and 7) and a Rook (on squares 3 and 6). The King and rook mover normally (along the file), while the knight moves 2 squares, and can jump (eg White can play N4 on move 1, jumping the rook). 

There is a YouTube clip which I have embedded below which explains the game (and the forced win for White) in greater detail. If you don't have time to watch all of it, I recommended you start at around the 1:40 mark as this is the best part.

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