Tuesday 23 February 2021

A quick draw or a slow draw


White to play and draw

I came across this study in Edmar Mednis' book 'Practical Endgame Tips'. It is White to play and draw. But when setting it up in Chessbase, I discovered that there is a quick draw and a slow draw. Now this isn't because the study is 'cooked', but simply because Black has a choice about what kind of draw he wants. Hopefully when you find the solution to the quick draw, you'll also find the move leading to the slow draw.


Unknown said...

Well there's a draw with Bh6, Kf6; Bd2. Can't see a slow one though...AO

Unknown said...

I think a quick draw is a queen promotion, a slow draw a bishop promotion.

Happy to be corrected.
George Lester

Shaun Press said...

Spot on George!