Monday 22 February 2021

2021 Corporate Wold Championship - Grenke wins

 Grenke is the inner of the 1st FIDE Corporate World Chess Championships, defeating SBER in the final 4.5-3.5. Grenke (a German Bank and financial services company) is well known as the sponsor of the Grenke Chess Classic, and was able to turn out a very strong team from their employees. Interestingly, it was the only team that fielded 3 female players in the whole 288 team event.

SBER (a Russian based financial services company) had Ian Nepomniachtchi as their invited player, but still has titled players on the lower boards. The final was over 2 matches, with the first ending 2-2, and Grenke winning 2.5-1.5 in the second.

The tournament itself was a big success (based on both the numbers and feedback received) and a number of companies have stated that they are already preparing for next years event.

(* I was a paid official for this tournament *)


Kashlinskaya,Alina (2494) - Kadatsky,Alexander (2368) [A00]
2021 World Corporate Championship Online (2.2), 21.02.2021


Garvin said...

Hello Shaun,

I forwarded onto you an important email on 16/2. Unfortunately I do not have a mobile number for you to alert you to this email.

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Unknown said...

Grupo-Munoz also had 3 women players.