Friday 26 February 2021

Aronian to US

 Lev Aronian has just announced he is changing federations, from Armenia to the USA. This shock move is in part due to difficulties Aronian has had with the new Armenian government. While the announcement has just been made, the transfer itself may be backdated, allowing Aronian to represent the USA at the 2022 Olympiad. 

This adds another top GM to the already strong US team. A likely line up for 2022 could be Caruana, Aronian, So, Dominguez and Nakamura. This would result in players like Ray Robson being squeezed out, and may actually see a knock on effect of US players looking at other federations (Robson could even turn out for Guam!).

Such a team would make the US clear favourites to defend their title, but as Armenia themselves proved in winning 3 Olympiads, it isn't always a team of champions that comes out in front.

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