Tuesday 18 September 2018

Just a week away

The 2018 Olympiad is now a little under a week away. I am assuming that the team lists have now been finalised, with the might PNG team just breaking into the top 150. Australia is seeded 41st, New Zealand 78th, while Palau, Guam and Nauru are just below PNG.
Working out likely first round opponents is still a bit tricky, as despite the entry list containing 185 teams, not all of them will make it to the first round (if at all). PNG is likely to play a team seed in the mid 50's (eg Estonia) while Australia could be up against a team seed in the 130's.
The opening ceremony is on Sunday 23rd, with round 1 on the 24th at 3pm local time (which is 9pm Canberra time). The event has one rest day (after round 5) with round 11 on the 5th October.

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