Tuesday 11 September 2018

2018 Belconnen Club Championship

For Canberra players looking to either boost their FIDE (International) rating, or even get one for  the first time, the Belconnen Chess Club is organising the only FIDE Rated club event in Canberra this year. It starts tonight (11 September) at the Belconnen Chess Club, 170 Hayden Drive, Belconnen.
Entry is free, although club membership is required. Turn up at 7pm for registration, with round 1 starting at 7:15pm
It will be a 7 round swiss (1 round per week), with a time limit of 60 minutes + 30 seconds added per move. Under FIDE rating regulations games between players rated below 2200 can be rated, although games involving at least one player rated above 2200 will not (they will still be rated on the Australian rating list).

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