Saturday 8 September 2018

Guess the Masters

Another of the books I picked up at the Lifeline Bookfair contained brief biographies and selected games of 8 pre-WW2 chess masters. The selected masters all took part in the 1938 AVRO tournament, and each player was also described in terms of the position they liked or were strongest in. So as an exercise, can you match the Master with the Position


  • Alekhine
  • Botvinnik
  • Capablanca
  • Euwe
  • Fine
  • Flohr
  • Keres
  • Reshevsky
  • Methodical Positions
  • Wild Positions
  • Sharp Positions
  • Boring Positions
  • Difficult Positions
  • Quiet Positions
  • Clear Positions
  • Favourable Positions
For know I'm keeping the title of the book and the author under wraps, lest the answer is too easy to look up

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