Sunday 23 September 2018

Georgia on my mind

It is early morning in Georgia as I type this, and I'm glad a woke up before sunrise. As with most Olympiads, the days before it starts can best be described as semi-controlled confusion. Having been given a hotel some way out of town, a last minute email indicates the PNG team may be staying in Batumi city instead. This means that someone really likes us (giving us a central location) or wants us away from more impressionable teams (as we can be troublemakers at times). Of course, I will only know for sure when we get to Batumi.
At the moment parts of the PNG and Australian teams are in Tbilisi, and will be heading to Batumi by train this morning. The opening ceremony is this evening (23rd September) with round 1 starting tomorrow. While it is still be confirmed, I may end up taking board 1 for PNG in the first round (with Stuart Fancy resting), which after 6 Olympiads as a players, will be a first for me.

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Mark said...

Break a leg, Shaun!