Thursday 10 November 2016

Movember Fundraising Event

Each year Street Chess runs a fundraising event for Movember. Normally it happens towards the end of the month, after I've managed to grow most of my mo. However a couple of other activities have intervened (including the Vikings Weekender on the 19th&20th of November), so the Movember Fundraiser is a little earlier this year.
It all takes place on Saturday the 12th. It is a usual Street Chess event, but all entry fees will be donated to Movember. I'm also taking other donations if you wish to contribute. And just to encourage extra entries, I will be giving a bonus prize for the best score by a player with a moustache ( drawn on ones count btw!)

So come on down to City Walk, Canberra City before 11am to join in the fun. Entry is $5 and there will be plenty of prizes on offer.

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