Wednesday 16 November 2016

A bigger battle

The third game of the 2016 World Championship was more in line with pre-match expectations, although the result was still a draw. I watched the game up until move 22, and the online comments indicated that most people expected another colourless draw. But Carlsen kept pushing and pushing, and on move 32 found a way to win a pawn. After that Karjakin knuckled down to defend the ending, but the smart money was on Carlsen. Eventually he won a piece on move 69, but immediately went wrong on move 70. Karjakin then returned the favour, and the next few moves saw missed chances, and missed defences. Finally Karjakin spotted a drawing line with 72. ... Ra1, and Carlsen's hard work came to nought.

Carlsen,Magnus (2853) - Karjakin,Sergey (2772) [C67]
WCh 2016 New York USA (3), 14.11.2016

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