Sunday 20 November 2016

2016 Vikings Weekender - Day 2

IM Anton Smirnov has won the 2016 Vikings Weekender, with a score 6/7. He went into the last round with a half point lead over IM Junta Ikeda, and a draw with FM Jason Hu guaranteed him at least a share of first place. However Ikeda was not able to overcome IM Andrew Brown, and had to settle for a draw. This left Ikeda on 5.5, tied with Fred Litchfield who continued his good tournament form with a win over Brown in round 5.
The Under 1600 event finished in a tie between Mark Patterson and Amol Kiran. Patterson started the event with 6 wins, before being beaten by Kiran in the last round. Curiously Kiran lost his opening game, but finished the event with 6 straight wins.
Final results can be found at You can also download the pgn file for the top 4 games in the open for every round. (NB A couple of games look weird, as the DGT boards had dicciculty in keeping up with some of the moves when players were in time trouble)


Anonymous said...

Hi Shaun, the standings and tables are only updated to round 6.

Anonymous said...

Updated now, thanks.