Monday 7 November 2016

Looking for Gamers - Canberra

If you want to take a break from chess, or want to warm up for the 2016 Vikings Weekender in a non-traditional way, then Looking for Gamers Canberra (LFG) is organising a board game event this weekend at the Canberra Southern Cross Club. The event is organised by the same team that organises the Doeberl Cup each year (O2C) so it will be a quality event. The event is title Essen:Unplugged and will showcase a number of new games that were presented at the recent Essen Spiel. It will run over 3 days starting Friday 11th November and finishing on the 13th. Tickets are from $15 per session and can be ordered from The link also contains information about the weekend, s well as more general information about LSG.

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