Saturday 20 February 2016

Park hustling

I remember an article I read a number of years ago, where Yasser Seirawan used to describe how he would hustle the hustlers who played chess for money in New York. While he was stronger than his opponents, he wouldn't try and win too easily, instead finding a way to win by a tempo, or with a lucky check that led to mate.
Well GM Maurice Ashley did the same thing the other day, but this time it was caught on film. At first his opponent is very talkative, but as the game terms the chirping stops (at least from the hustler). Then there is one great moment where a pawn tries to capture not one but two knights at once, but Ashley spots it (of course) and after that the result isn't in doubt. It isn't until right at the end that Ashley properly introduces himself, at which point the hustler realises what has just happened.

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