Friday, 19 February 2016

2016 ANU Masters - Week 3

The third week of the 2016 ANU Masters once again saw 2 wins and 2 draws from the 4 games. Miles Patterson took advantage of an off-side piece belonging to Harry Press and won after avoiding any resultant tricks. Alana Chibnall looked to have an easy pint against Dillon Hathiramani but under pressure lost on time while being an exchange and pawns ahead. Adrian De Noskowski had the opportunity to win material against Fred Litchfield, but with his king a little exposed chose not to do so and eventually the game was drawn.  Andrey Bliznyuk and Victor Braguine did not veer to far from equality in their game, although an attempt by Braguine to liven up the action with an exchange sacrifice in the late middlegame did not change the eventual result of a draw.
After 3 rounds there is now a 5 way tie for first, with Braguine, Bliznyuk, De Noskowski. Litchfield and Patterson all on 2/3. After his win Hathiramani is on 1, while Chibnall and Press are back on 0.5

Braguine,Victor (1875) - Bliznyuk,Andrey (2093)
2016 ANU Masters Canberra, Australia AUS (3.4), 17.02.2016

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Ian Rout said...

An easy pint? No wonder she lost.