Thursday, 4 February 2016

2016 ANU Masters Week 1

The ANU Chess club's traditional Masters event began this evening, with a field of 8 evenly matched players (who to be accurate, are not actual masters). For a while it looked as though all 4 games might end in draws, after Adrian De Noskowski held top seed Andrey Bliznyuk, and Alana Chibnall recovered from a bad position to draw with Miles Patterson.
However Victor Braguine managed to go up a pawn in a R+N v R+N ending against Dillon Hathiramani (in his tournament debut), but stern resistance from Hathiramani  meant that Braguine still needed some work before wining the game.
In the final game to finish last years winner Fred Litchfield beat Harry Press in a game where fortunes fluctuated throughout. For a while Press was better, but after missing a tactic with 26. ... d4! drifted into a worse position and despite having a passed pawn on f2, was cut down by a mating combination.

Litchfield,Fred - Press,Harry [B40]
ANU Masters, 03.02.2016

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Graham Clayton said...

26....d4 27. cxd4 cxd4 28. Qxd4 Bxf3 wins a piece, but what is Black's continuation if White plays 27. Qe2?