Monday 15 February 2016

How good is your Street Chess?

A few years back I posted an entire archive of Street Chess results, going back to 2009. At the time the scripts I wrote to do this only processed Swiss Perfect files, and when I switched to using Vega, the updating of these pages was put on hold.
Last weekend I managed to add the extra code to handle Vega files (both old and new formats) and so I took the opportunity to bring the records up to date.
If you visit you can see the results of most events, going back to 2009. The output is a little messy (as sorting is based on filename), but if you can't see an event, either search on the page (Ctrl-f) or the event was not recorded (due to it not being held that weekend, or missing for another reason). At the top of the page is also a link to player statistics where you can find lots of interesting data. (NB There are still some duplicated players, due to some data issues, which I will clean up shortly)
For example, there are 4 players who have played over 1000 games. Miles Patterson tops the list (just short of 1300), with Erik Jochimsen, Mark Scully and Oscar Hellman also in this exclusive group. In terms of tournament wins FM Endre Ambrus is way out in front, with 61 first places (either outright or shared) from 75 events. IM Andras Toth is the only player with 100% (1 event, 7/7) although IM Junta Ikeda's +53=3-0 (with 8 wins from 8 events) is just as impressive.
If you want to easily see some of the more interesting stats (most points, least draws over the most games etc) you can click on the column headings to sort each column (in ascending or descending order)

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