Thursday 14 May 2015

The 30 second chess tactic

Black to play and win
Canberra player Victor Braguine is currently enjoying a bit of a chess holiday in Europe, and has sent me the diagrammed position. He was Black against a higher rated player, and had good chances with an extra piece against two pawns. Almost at the time control he thought for a bit and then swapped queens with Qd4. After that he could not turn his extra piece into a win, and the game was a draw.
But he asks, can you find the winning move (which he missed) in under 60 seconds?
(SP: At my first attempt I spotted the correct move, but then I discarded it, after not finding the correct follow up)


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Victor said...

There is a stronger forcing line

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Victor said...


First Ne3 and then Rxb2, irrespective of which piece (Queen or Rook) takes the Knight on e3. Then checkmate becomes inevitable.
It is just brilliant.

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