Saturday, 16 May 2015

Just moving pieces

The late Patrick Connell (well known to Canberra players in the 1990's) decided early on in his chess career that analysing variations was not for him. He was happier looking at the aesthetics of a move, and if it looked like a good move, then he would play it. Proving that the move was sound or unsound was something for his opponent to decide, not Patrick. And while he didn't rise above the ranks of 1300 to 1400 on the ACF rating list, he did score a couple of wins over me at various time controls.
I was reminded of this approach in one of my own online games which recently finished. It was played with a time limit of 5 days per move, which should have given me plenty of time to analyse. But not really having the time to, I instead went for the "that looks sensible" approach to the game. In this case it worked, and to be fair most of my moves were OK, but not brilliant. But just like Patrick, there were a few moves that only worked because my opponent made them work, And there were a few moves by my opponent that I made look a lot better than they should have been.
Moral of the game: Sometimes you just want to move pieces and worry about the consequences later.

Press,Shaun - LaiCiCung [B02]

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