Saturday, 23 May 2015

A sad(ish) day for the Traxler

There was a time when the Traxler was almost unbeatable. Sure you might struggle with it against a GM, but 3.Bc4 was rarely part of the GM repertoire (no doubt due to fear) this was never likely to happen.
Then along came computers and the Internet, which ruined the fun. Now almost everyone with an engine or a browser could found out what the best lines against the Traxler were, and like a snake in the grass, wait until the right moment to strike.
It can be a particularly disappointing experience in CC, especially if your opponent takes on f7 with the bishop (rather than the knight). After that it is usually just grind, grind, grind a pawn up before you resign on move 42 (rather than mate your opponent on move 17).  The following game is a kind of exception to that script, with my opponent at least hitting back with an attack of his own. I was a little surprised he gave me the piece on g3, but it turns out he was still better as I was a move or two slower than he was. The final moves were quite nice, with the rook sac on c7 finishing me off.

Putukhov,Viktor - Press,Shaun [C57]
AUS v Russia, 12.11.2014

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