Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Starting to miss the checks and captures

Age is beginning to catch up with me over the board. Recently I have started to make more mistakes during my games, and I suspect it is due to changes in my thinking process. In two recent games I spent a great degree of time calculating some nice forcing variations, only to then play the wrong move at the board. In one game it caused a swing of a rook (from winning the exchange to losing a piece), although the second case was not so bad (just didn't win a piece in the best way). In both cases it was caused by making the wrong choice, even though I knew what the correct choice was.
To be honest, it does not concern me greatly, as I assume it is part of the ageing process. It just means I need to be more alert to what is going on, and not rely so much on my 'automatic thinking' but to check and recheck what I am about to do.
(Without being too harsh on myself, moves 20 and 24 were the main examples, while f4 would have been strong from move 16 onwards)

Press,Shaun - Rojahn,Jack [B23]
Murphy Memorial, 12.05.2015

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