Sunday, 15 February 2015

Missing the Lifeline Bookfair

Due to a new employment opportunity, I had to make a trip to Auckland, which I had to do at short notice. While I am having a fantastic time in New Zealand, it meant I did miss a couple of significant activities back in Canberra.
There was the regular Street Chess event, although FA (FIDE Arbiter) Alana Chibnall was able to step in and handle that. There was also the Canberra Multicultural Festival, otherwise know as BAMOAS (Beer And Meat On A Stick) day. I also missed Valentines Day, which I am sure I will pay for on my return.
Finally, I  was unable to attend the Lifeline Bookfair, which is a regular topic on this blog. For reasons unknown to me it was moved a few weeks earlier than normal, although I suspect the gods may have decided to mess with me. So I have no idea whether it was feast or famine on the second hand chessbooks, both in terms of numbers and quality. Miles Patterson, both a regular book buyer and blog reader  was in attendance (I assume), so I await his report on my return next week.

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