Thursday, 5 February 2015

Another GP?

There is a news report that another (non-FIDE) International Grand Prix series is being organised, involving the worlds top players. It is based around 3 existing events, Stavanger in Norway, the Sinquefeld Cup in the US, and the London Chess Classic in the UK, along with a new event to be held in Jakarta. The report connects Garry Kasparov with the event, in the role of 'front-man' for the organisation.
The choice of the 3 events is somewhat revealing, as current World Champion Magnus Carlsen has a strong connection to all 3. With the involvement of both Kasparov and Rex Sinquefeld, it also helps dispel the claim that the loss in last years FIDE elections would push them away from chess. If anything it suggests a future campaign for the FIDE presidency, with the purpose of these events to show the chess world that FIDE isn't the only game in town. It certainly can't hurt any potential campaign to have the worlds top 10 onside.

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