Monday, 9 February 2015

A lot of FIDE Rated Chess in Canberra

I seem to make this post every year, publicising the upcoming FIDE Rated events in Canberra. In fact there are a couple of extra events this years, targeted at club players, but there is still the imbalance between the start of the year, and the rest of the year. In fact there are 6 FIDE rated events in Canberra over the next 2 months, and then only 1 more (IIRC) after that.
The ANU Chess Club is hosting 2 FIDE Rated events, starting this Wednesday. The 2015 ANU Masters is an 8 player Round Robin with a field made up of winners of the ANU Club events from last year. Alongside it, for the first time, is the 2015 ANU Challengers, which is an Open Swiss for players rated below 2200.
The ACT Championship is being held over the weekend of the 6-9th March. It is a 7 round swiss, with a Friday night round (6th) and 2 rounds on each of the following 3 days (NB Monday is a Public Holiday in Canberra).
The O2C Doeberl Cup will be holding 3 FIDE Rated events this year. Along with the Premier and Major, the Minor (Under 1600 ACF) will be FIDE Rated for the first time. The Premier starts on the 2nd April 2015 (9 rounds) while the other two tournaments start on the 3rd (7 rounds).
After that the only FIDE rated event I can think of is the ACT Junior Championships, although the ANU Club may FIDE Rate a few more events if the numbers for the Challengers indicate a demand.

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